About Consultations

Hey friend!

Thanks for your interest in a colour consultation with me!
Also known as an E-consult, I’m excited to be offering this service.

More About E-Consults …

What exactly is an Online Colour Consultations (E-Consult)?
I’m a true believer that the colour on your walls sets the tone for your entire home – and I want to help you find that backdrop you’ll fall in love with. An online colour consultation will allow you to have a custom colour palette that suits your home, your lifestyle, and your personality.

An E-Consult is an electronic colour consultation. We’ll work together to find a colour palette you love for your home, all via the convenience of email and a virtual colour package.


Why an Online Colour Consultation?
An online colour consultation is an economical way to receive professional colour guidance, and this is all done conveniently and electronically.

Plus, some people just have chemistry! If you’ve followed me and read my blog, you probably know my style, and I hope that it’s brought you here for a reason. That reason being – you like my style, and would want to see some of it in your own home. So if we don’t live close to one another, not to worry! E-consult it is.


Can you really select paint colours through a computer?
Yes! Not only do I have an education in the field of interior design, but I have years of experience working for Benjamin Moore, at an interior design firm, and most importantly – performing extensive in home consultations for all types of clients. All of these things combined equips me with the knowledge and experience to understand your space and what colour will fit it perfectly.

Also, as an FYI, when I’m selecting your colours I do not select them from the computer! I have 10+ paint decks on hand that I choose from, and I go to each paint store and physically create the palette with paint chips before sending you the choices.


How it works:
Start by shopping colour packages under the ‘shop’ tab.
After checking out, you will receive a questionnaire within 48 hours that ideally you’ll fill out within one week of receiving. Please also attach at least two photos of each room to this email! After I receive your questionnaire and photos you can expect your virtual package within 5-7 business days.


What You’ll Receive
You will receive a virtual colour consultation package that includes two colour options for each space along with a breakdown of each colour and why it relates to your home. Every colour is chosen specifically for you, and I’ll be sure to let you know why!

Packages range from 2-5 pages in length depending on the amount of rooms selected.



You will receive a refund less a $25.00 admin fee within 60 days of purchase if your consultation has not been completed. Unfortunately due to the nature of this service, there is no refund for completed consultations.


Please contact me with any questions about E-Consult packages, or if you aren’t sure which package is right for you!


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