Summer Reading List

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking about what you’ll be reading on your vacation this summer or even just to fill those quiet warm afternoons. I’m sharing a few reads that are perfect for the airplane, beach, or just a lazy summer day.

There are certain books for certain seasons and in my opinion summer calls for lighter and simpler enjoyable reads. (Autumn is for Harry Potter, Winter is for Game of Thrones, etc etc). I guess what I’m saying is that in the summer time I don’t want to read something that will keep me up at night thinking or emotionally devastate me.

At the end of a long day I find reading helps me unwind before falling asleep. I don’t scroll instagram anymore (we all know screens keep our minds awake and running at night yada ya) so 15 minutes of reading is all I need to begin dozing off. Here are a few recommendations for you! These are all books I’ve read in the last 3 months and any one of them would be an enjoyable read that doesn’t require too much brain power/tugging on heart strings but are still stories you’ll fall in love with.

1. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

I had to begin this list with my favourite book of 2019 so far. This book had me laughing so hard I tears down my face, and so completely attached to the characters I was sad to say goodbye to them when the story ended. I’ve never loved a fictional couple so much! After a weird series of events, maid of honour Olive is offered to take her sisters honeymoon since her sister isn’t able to go. The unfortunate catch: best man Ethan will also be attending.. who Olive happens to absolutely hate. If you need a good laugh and incredibly lovable personalities then this book is for you.

2. After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid is the author of the moment and it’s not just trendy book hype – this woman writes beautiful contemporary stories. After I Do has a really interesting take on attempting to correct a marriage (or deciding if it’s better to walk away) as Lauren and Ryan make a decision to take a step away from each other for one year with absolutely no communication. At the end of that year they will re-meet and hopefully fall in love again.

3. When We Found Home by Susan Mallery

Nothing says beach read like a true romance story involving best friendships, family relationships, workplace drama, etc etc. When We Found Home follows Malcolm who has just found out he has not one but two half sisters as an adult. One 12 years old and one in her twenties. Malcolm struggles to connect to his sisters who were raised VERY different from the way he was. In the end, this book is a sweet story about their newfound family dynamic and the lovable characters will keep you hooked.

4. The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

Although Calla was born in Alaska, her parents separated when she wasn’t yet two and she’s been raised in Toronto since. Now in her twenties she’s received news that her father is sick and she has one last chance to get to know him. We follow Calla through rural Alaska while she discovers a bond with her father, his lifestyle, and all the wild has to offer including a pilot named Jonah who takes her by surprise.

5. Normal People by Sally Rooney

Connell and Marianne don’t acknowledge each other at school but in private they have a strong connection and are undeniably drawn to one another. This book follows them through 10 years of ups and downs. Over those years they circle in and out of each others lives, sometimes as friends sometimes as more. This book is slower paced and is all about getting to know Connell and Marianne as their relationship goes through changes. It’s real, raw, and very relatable.

6. North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person

I had to add my favourite memoir to this list to take a departure from all the fiction. This memoir will shock you, fill you up with love for Cea, break your heart, make you laugh. Cea was raised in the 1960’s when the hippy off-grid era was at its peak. Leaving a regular life in California behind, Cea’s family uproots to tipi living in the Canadian wilderness. But after some time Cea’s young mom begins a series of different living situations with different boyfriends, taking Cea along for the ride. This book is about summers spent naked and high, winters spent struggling for survival, and most importantly Cea’s self discovery as she finds her way back to civilization.

Will you be adding any of these to your list?
Happy reading! 🙂

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