12 Upcycled Dresser Ideas

Find some inspiration for DIY dresser upcycling

As you may know, our home is filled with upcycled or refinished furniture! I’m a sucker for painted & distressed antiques, not just because I love the look but it’s also a really affordable way to bring some beautiful customized pieces into your home.

So where to find furniture to refinish?

As much as I love a day at an antique market, all of our best finds have come from garage sales! Get on your community facebook page and you may be surprised at what people are giving away for just a few dollars. We recently purchased two massive dining room hutches for $25 each at a garage sale that was promoted on facebook – they would have easily been $300+ at an antique market!

And best of all: the rare side-of-the-road find. Nothing beats free.

I hope you find inspiration in these other ideas I’ve come across lately, because it’s garage sale season and I’m itching to get my hands on some new (old) furniture ASAP!

Coffee Station

Storage Bench

Kitchen Island

Media Unit

Upholstered Bench

Dining Room Display + Storage

Rustic Farmhouse Cabinet

Craft / Fabric Storage

Bathroom Vanity

Wine Storage

Mudroom Bench

Side Table

If you live in a small house like we do, nothing beats additional storage. That’s why I love DIY’s like these so much – creative storage solutions make me way way too happy!

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