Jute Rug Review

This post has been a long time coming! I’ve received a number of emails from people asking how I like my jute rug, and I’ve promised to write this post but wanted to wait until we had lived with our rug for a while. Well it’s been three years and it’s about time I told you guys a little bit about it. We’ve now added jute rugs to two other places in our home so that says something! I love them! But there are a few things to consider before buying one, so hopefully this post can help you out if you’re looking to buy one of these guys.



What I love:

 The  look. Of course this is a personal preference but I love the rustic relaxed look of a jute rug! Also I prefer neutrals and textures over patterns. I like my rug to be a staple neutral and not be too loud or colourful.

The texture. It took some getting used to as traditionally rugs are soft fibers. But the jute is a tougher texture and is almost a bit of a foot massage. Sounds weird, but I love it.

Low maintenance. It doesn’t get any lower maintenance than this you guys. I originally bought a soft pearly neutral rug. Within minutes my husband had spilled wing sauce on it. Uhh that was enough to change my mind! With a messy husband + fluffy dog + baby drool, the jute rug hides ALL.

The price. These rugs are so affordable it’s enough to fill my house with them (which I did!). We have the Lohals Rug from Ikea and I believe it was around $175 and it’s huge!



What I don’t love:

It’s a dust collector! I know I mentioned how low maintenance this is, which is true in terms of cleaning. However after some time we noticed that if you pick up the corner of the rug there is always dust and dirt collected underneath. We are committed vacuumers – we vacuum every day (addicted to our dyson!) but once dirt or crumbs get  through the cracks of this rug, there’s no vacuum powerful enough to bring it back through again.

This actually led to us getting rid of our jute rug in the living room. When we brought our daughter home we noticed any time she was near it she’d sneeze a ton! Maybe a coincidence but that was enough to make me retire the one. For this reason, we personally will only have jute rugs in lower traffic areas like our bedroom.

Loose strands. This isn’t something that bothered me but I want to share anyway, there are often little loose strands sticking out. They can be easily tucked back in but I could see this being a downfall if that kind of thing bugs you.

The texture. Okay. Yes, I love the texture of these rugs. However, again, it wasn’t suitable for our daughter. They are tougher and a bit scratchy so it just wasn’t practical for her to be able to sit or play on it. Something I would definitely keep in mind if you have a sensitive little one like us. However, if she were a toddler or older this wouldn’t bother me so much.

The smell.. for only a few days. Another consideration if you’re sensitive to scents, but after rolling out our jute rugs they had a strong jute smell for about 4 days. No biggie to us though!



As I mentioned, we did get rid of the rug in our living room after bringing home our daughter. She was premature with sensitive lungs and we were worried about the dust that collects below the surface and the scratchy texture. So now our living room has been rug-less for 5 months, I’m on a very tedious hunt for the perfect new rug.

But ultimately I do recommend these rugs, they’re so durable plus I love the look of them! We added the smaller size Lohals to our back door entrance and we just shake it out often and it’s so durable to our dirty shoes and sand covered dog.

If you have any other questions be sure to leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP!



As mentioned, we have the Lohals Rug from Ikea but here are some other affordable options from Amazon!

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