No Fail Neutrals

My favorite palette is a neutral palette. You may think that sounds boring, but there are so many ways to incorporate interest into your home and I firmly believe your paint colour is NOT one of those ways!

Accessories, textures, lighting, furniture, drapery and textiles, artwork, the list goes on. These are the areas to spice up. But when it comes to that backdrop I like to keep it simple and neutral! The cost of hiring a painter and redoing those walls far outweighs the cost of adding new accessories. Plus, the look of simple and serene is one that I personally am just drawn to.


neutral paint colors, benjamin moore, gray paint color, revere pewter


These are my favourite neutrals that I’ve used time and time again and that have never failed me! White Down is my favourite extremely creamy neutral for a more traditional setting. Some people avoid that buttery colour but in the right situation I think it’s just cozy and homey feeling. Meanwhile, Revere Pewter, Classic Gray, and Edgecomb Gray are my muddy gray neutrals. These are the go-to’s for people wanting to go gray but keep things warmed up. Finally, Ballet White & Winds Breath are my sandy toned faves that have a smokey-beige tone to them.

Four of these six colours are personally in my own home and they definitely flow together from room to room! A soft transition throughout the house is what I look for, rather than bold changes at every corner.

Have you used any of these colours or is there a neutral I haven’t listed that you swear by?
Let me know!


white down benjamin moore, benjamin moore, paint color, neutral paint colorsWhite Down from Bria Hammel Interiors


revere pewter, benjamin moore, paint colors, neutral paint colorsRevere Pewter from Style and Grace Interiors


benjamin moore paint, neutral paint, paint color scheme, neutral colorsClassic Gray from Studio McGee


edgecomb gray, benjamin moore, paint colors, neutral paint colorsEdgecomb Gray from Divine Custom Homes


ballet white, benjamin moore, paint colors, neutral paint colorsBallet White from Jane Lockhart Design

winds breath, benjamin moore, paint colors, neutral paint colorsWinds Breath from Hendel Homes
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2 thoughts on “No Fail Neutrals

  1. Hi Elise! I love your name! I have an open concept area that includes kitchen, dining, family room and a separate fire place room with a 12′ opening from the family room. I’m using BM White Down in the fireplace room and BM Revere Pewter (50% darker) everywhere else. I’m having a problem deciding on trim color and ceiling color. My kitchen cupboards are an off-white and I was thinking of going with that color for my trim, or something close to it. I don’t want white trim cause, well, I just don’t want white. If that makes sense. My floors will be a natural wood color. I actually had paint color matched to my cupboards in semi-gloss and was hoping to use that color for the baseboards and around the doors trim. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Amy, thanks so much! 🙂
      It makes total sense that you don’t want just white. I’d love to be able to help further by actually seeing your space – you may want to think about looking at my colour consultation packages! You can see more info about it at the top of this page by clicking ‘Colour Consultations’. Let me know if you have any questions!


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