7 Tips to Accessorizing Your Home

Looking for accessory and decor ideas?
Find out some of the best tips for a functional yet styled home.


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It took me a long time to be happy with the accessories in our home. Honestly – I’m still not there! I have this habit of scooping up anything I like even just a little bit, resulting in a mush-mash of random accessories that don’t match/don’t fit together/just don’t work.

Over time I’ve developed more of a strategy to ensure money isn’t wasted and our house doesn’t become too cluttered. This is especially important if, like me, you have large amounts of display cases or a wall unit! Filling those areas up can be daunting and expensive! Here’s what I’ve learned to create a beautiful collection and not break the bank:


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Know your dimensions. Having an idea of how big of a space your working with will help you to avoid buying items that either don’t fit, or that are way too tiny and end up having little impact.

Have a colour palette picked out or a theme. Knowing a direction will give your accessories unison and they’ll relate to one another rather than being completely random! This is not to say to pick the colour blue and ONLY buy blue items, but know a general scheme you’d like to follow.


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Group things together in threes. What is it about ‘the rule of threes’ that just makes everything look better? It’s more visually interesting and pleasing to the eye – simple as that.

Use a variety of heights in a grouping. Another simple trick that is simply more interesting to look at is to mix up the heights of items that are side by side.


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Put your tallest items up high. Those shelves that are way at the top of your room need to have something tall in them so they can be seen from anywhere in the room and make a statement even from way up there!

Use multiple textures. Wicker baskets, hammered pots, glass vases, books, and plants will add depth to your decorating. Creating a balance of multiple textures and surfaces will add so much interest to a previously flat scheme!

Incorporate meaningful items. Your home is a reflection of yourself and nothing speaks louder to that than family heirlooms, your favourite photos in frames, and trinkets you’ve collected over the years that have meaning to you.


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Before you go out on a major shopping haul for decorating your home – remember this checklist. The most efficient way to accessorize is to purchase things mindfully, and you’ll create those beautiful finishing touches without going way over budget or ending up with a mountain of accessories that you just don’t like!


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