Laundry Closet Reveal

Hey guys!

Maybe this is strange but our laundry closet is one of my favourite spaces in our home. Lame, right? BUT, I love feeling organized and using small spaces efficiently. I wish you could have seen where this closet once began – it was even smaller, had orange toned wood bi-fold doors, old dated carpet and zero shelving. When we did our master bedroom renovation we did this laundry area at the same time and it sat looking like this for the past 5 months since that reno wrapped up:



So at least it looked nicer than the original ugly 1970’s flair it originally had, but this was anything but functional! Especially since we live in a smaller home, it’s crucial for us to maximize even the small spaces when we can.



Tom added two potlights on a switch inside the closet, as well as an outlet so we can hang our beloved Dyson in the small space to the right of the drier. So handy!

All the shelving was made out of 8″ wide barnboard from Home Depot, which we then stained to Dark Walnut from Old Masters.



Because our attic access is in this closet we needed to keep the area below it open, so we added the rod that could be removed if we needed to pop into the attic above.

I added some jars from the dollar store for dryer sheets and clothespins, a small garbage bin, and lots of baskets (from Homesense + Dollarama) for storage.



I found the tiny chalkboard tags at the dollar store as well and labelled them with a white chalk pen. Dyson attachments, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, mittens and toques, etc.

Labeling just makes life so much easier so we don’t have to rummage through every basket when looking for something!



And that’s it! Fully functional and a great use of space.


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