Neutral Nursery

Hey, friends!

So as mentioned in my last post, we are adding to our family due July 2018! And in FIVE DAYS we will be finding out if baby is a boy or girl! However, we’ve said since the beginning that the gender won’t determine our nursery decor because I’m a firm believer that anything semi-permanent (such as paint, large pieces of furniture) or anything with a big price tag should be neutral. Because I don’t want to do things twice! I know myself, and I know if I deck the nursery out in princess pink …. it’s going to need redoing in 6 months time when I get sick of it!

Plus I love using neutrals as a base knowing that once we know the gender, we’ll be receiving so many cute blue/pink things to accessorize with!

Our nursery is under minor construction as Tom’s just redone the electrical in the room, the walls are being patched and painted, new trim, door, and new floors. It’ll be ready in about a month so in the mean time we’ve started collecting some main pieces of furniture! I’m trying to go 100% neutral but textural – I want lots of texture for interest/coziness! The rug has already arrived to our house and is the perfect base for the room. It has really chunky loops and I love the herringbone textural pattern. Our crib + dresser/change table are staples from ikea that I love the simplicity of. Basic off-white curtains, a white standing lamp and a wicker side table all in colours tonal to one another. Our light fixture is similar to the one in the board but is simpler – just a white rope macrame style. And our paint colour is Winds Breath from Benjamin Moore which has been one of my long-time favourites for being the softest prettiest muted beige!

I’ll post photos once we’re all set up!

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