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Hey guys!

Wow – a lot has happened and changed in my life since I’ve last posted! To give you the quickest ever rundown, Tom and I for one: finished our master bedroom/ensuite renovation! and two: ARE HAVING A BABY. We’re beyond grateful, excited, nervous!, and so so happy to be expanding our family in July.

What this means for us is some changes around the house. Of course I already have our nursery planned right down to every detail, but first the room needs a mini renovation (just trim, new floors, and paint). At the same time we’ve started renovating our main bathroom that is right beside the nursery and that was gutted this past weekend! Lots going on over here.


BUT it’s time I begin sharing some details of our master bedroom. We still need to accessorize some more, put some art on the walls, and add some finishing touches. I won’t photograph the whole place until that’s all ready but in the mean time I’ve completed our window coverings and am really happy with the way they’ve turned out! Thanks to this inspiration photo above, I found a solution for our weird height, weird shaped, full exposure windows that looks soft and comfortable which is exactly the look I want in our bedroom.

When this photo was taken our room wasn’t yet completed so don’t mind the mess!
These windows have very little depth in the trim AKA no room for something like a roller blind or something with a cassette. As well, our bed would be sitting in front of these windows so I knew we couldn’t do curtains. And our windows look directly into our neighbours house so I want full time coverage anyway!
We looked at doing custom romans … for $700!! Well I’m happy to tell you this project was a grand total of $60, or $20 per window (one window not pictured).
Fabric can be expensive to purchase by the yard so I chose to buy 3 table cloths from Walmart that are a 100% cotton but linen-look fabric and we’re $15 each. I purchased this heat bond tape to avoid the sewing machine, plus you’ll also need fabric scissors, a measuring tape, and an iron + ironing board.
Not pictured is ribbon I bought from Walmart in a plain white silky fabric to use for the ties. You can also use scraps of your fabric to make the ties or use a contrast colour or lace!


I started by measuring out my window and adding 4″ to the length and width so I could create a hem. I cut the table cloth to size and gave it a good ironing.


To create the hem, I first folded and ironed each edge about 1/2″.
Then, I folded it over once more and used the heat bond to secure it and create about a 1″ wide hem.


For the rod pocket, I inserted these thin rods from Walmart into the fabric so I could gauge how large to make the pocket. I allowed enough space to comfortably slide it in and out of it. What’s great about these window coverings is that you don’t need to worry too much about the length of them – since they’re being tied up anyways! Mine hit about 5″ below the window when flat.
Tom actually screwed holes in our trim the size of the rod, so we could insert the rod right into them and have it almost disappear. After hanging the curtains I slung the ribbon over the rod so it hung down on each side and tied it together at the bottom before trimming. In my inspiration photo, these are tied as bows but I liked the look of them hanging loosely for our room.
Because I want my windows covered 100% of the time, they stay down like this. However you can tie them higher or even roll the fabric then tie them if you want more of a view showing.
For $60, I’ll take it!
Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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