Simple Autumn Decor

Good morning friends,
There’s just over two weeks until the first day of Fall so I thought I would share our decor I’ve added to our living room. It’s really very simple compared to some beautiful posts I’ve seen – because that’s just us! I prefer small subtle touches of the holidays. Though I do admire homes that are fully transformed with the seasons! I’m sure my collection will grow and take me there one day!

These plaid pillows are the perfect represenation of Fall to me-
Cozy, comfortable, and neutral! My requirement when buying new pillows is that they must always be able to mix in with my existing pillows – I swap them out constantly and love that no matter which one is on display this month, it’ll match.
I haven’t decided on a front door colour yet so it’ll stay white for now!
My new ‘Give Thanks’ sign is one of my favourites.
My galvanized accessory collection continues to grow.
My twiggy pumpkin is from last years autumn haul but is still my favourite because of the texture it adds to an otherwise very plain view,
& the antique milk bottles were given to me by my aunt.
The DIY Autumn Garland from last month’s post will only make a few appearances for special occasions, click here to see that tutorial!


One of the simplest ways to decorate is to fill a glass jar with a bag of seasonal SOMEthings
(Homesense/Homegoods always has these $7.99 bags),
like this collection of white pumpkins, then at Christmas I use a variety of ornaments,
At Easter fill it with Easter eggs, and in the summer it could be lemons or nautical objects.

The galvanized tray was 75% off at Michaels last week,
and of course I needed the staple pumpkin-spice candle!

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