How I Maintain My Slipcover Sofa

Hey friends!

I’ve actually received a few emails about my sofa & how I like it, so that pushed me to write a post on how I maintain it with a husband who spills constantly and a puppy who rolls in dirt then jumps right up. I would confidently say that the Ektorp series from Ikea is the very best thing they sell for how convenient the slipcovers are, but this can also apply to any slipcovered sofa as well! And since we are big time couch eaters (lots of BBQ sauce gets spilled on these cushions) and we have our puppy Nora who has become a little coach potato, I love having the ability to wash my slipcovers.

Step 1: I remove 3-4 covers at a time. I do this so that I can wash the covers in sections and while they take all day to dry we can still sit on the other areas of the sofa that aren’t currently being washed! After I remove the cover, I zip it back up so that it keeps its shape through washing and drying. I set aside the cushions that are now without covers so I can vacuum where they were once sitting.


Step 2: My Dyson has become my lifeline since we got our puppy (how does she possibly track in so much grass?) and I just use the upholstery attachment and vacuum away!

Step 3: I spot clean with my Shout stain remover. This small but excessively clumsy family has a LOT of stains and this stain remover is a miracle worker. I don’t rub out the stain remover but instead throw it in the wash like this. Between washes, my stain remover is my best friend for getting out all the bits of smooshed chocolate! Oops 🙂

Step 4: I wash my slipcovers with basic Tide liquid detergent on a hot cycle.

Step 5: Hang to dry. I’ve read that these could be okay for the drier, but on a nice day I prefer to hang dry it outside! That’s just the way I’ve always done it.

Step 6: Struggle and curse a lot while trying to smoosh the cushions back into the covers 🙂 After you do this a few times you’ll figure out the quickest and most efficient way to shove them back into their covers.

I like to wash my slipcovers on a continuous rotation. This week, I washed 4 of them. Next week I’ll do another 4. I find this makes it a much less daunting task and it doesn’t become a weekend-long chore!


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