Favourite Fall Throw Pillows

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I really should call this post a ‘current favourite throw pillows’ because I know people are 50/50 on accepting Fall decor while we’re in mid-August. I personally am the #1 fan of Fall, so I tend to extend the Fall decor season for as long as I possibly can!

Anywho, here are some current faves. The staple solid velvet pillow is a must (I have two in a dark teal in my home and they somehow always work with anything I pair them with!) along with the faux-fur pillows that have been really on trend for the last year. I then like to add a large plaid or stripe for some subtle visual interest before finishing off with a playful pillow like ‘The Snuggle is Real’ (cutest) or a quintessential Canadian moose! Of course you can keep is classic with a cable knit pillow – this one from Ikea is just $20 and will make a great addition to your bedroom pillow-scape! And I couldn’t resist the Maple leaf for my fellow kitchy/cutesy decor lovers!


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