DIY Autumn Garland

I know it’s early! No body panic – I promise I’m not trying to rain on your summer.

BUT as August starts to wrap up, you may want to add a few items to your next craft-store run so you can pull together the four very simple ingredients for this DIY. And when you have company over in September or October, you’ll be ready to pull this simple garland out and decorate your wall unit with it like I did – or better yet, a fireplace mantle.

All you’ll need from a craft store is some pinecones, some little plastic pumpkins/gords, twine, and some screw eye hooks which I got from the hardware store for about $2.00
Twist the screw eye hooks into the tops of the pinecones and the pumpkins/other decor pieces you’ve chosen. You’re going to rope the twine through this! Simple. I then arranged the order of my pieces before securing them to the twine.

I measured how long to cut my twine by placing it on our wall unit where I want to sit.
Be SURE to then add an extra 12″ as tying knots will shorten the length!

Tie knots around the screw eyes. I didn’t worry to much about exact placement, if spacing does seem to be really uneven you can just loosen your knot and move your piece over!
I simply tied a loop on the ends to secure the garland to my cabinet knobs.

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