Bedroom Colour Scheme Part 3 : Layers of White

Hello dear friends!

As you may know, I’ve always been a bit hesitant about white walls, at least for my own home! But I’ve come around because when I see a bedroom like this I can’t resist. And there is still a technique to layering your whites as I find whites can be so tricky and have sneaky undertones you weren’t expecting to see. Since off-whites are so pale they’re easily swayed by what they’re surrounded with, so it’s crucial to layer your whites that are all warm or all cool. I also love the combination of adding a crisp white into the mix. In the photo above, you can see the walls are really bright and crisp! I love the contrast it adds to the soft gentle whites in the linens, the upholstered bed, and the drapery panels.

Did you paint your walls white? Are you still happy with your decision? I love the clean simplicity you’ll have, what you fill your home with is so flexible with a background like white!

Paint Colours:

1. Cloud White
2. White Dove
3. Oxford White

4. Simply White


2 thoughts on “Bedroom Colour Scheme Part 3 : Layers of White

  1. We painted our brand new 1200 sq ft home all white. It has a covered porch on the south side so does not have direct sun most of the year. I wish it wasn't so white. There is no contrast with the vaulted ceiling and no contrast with the trim (which I do prefer white). It is a lot more difficult to warm the space up – I also prefer the cooler colours. I am adding lots of warm wood and texture but we are not there yet.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience! Whites can be so tricky, and are a huge departure from what we are typically used to! I understand what you're saying with the lack of contrast – we had this issue in our home and ended up repainting our living room in a darker paint colour because we wanted to see the contrast from wall to crown moulding. Hopefully adding a large warm rug, lots of cozy throw pillows/blankets, and maybe even some additional ambient lighting will warm your space?!

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