Farmhouse Sconces

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The vintage barn sconce from Restoration Hardware haunts my dreams … because I want it SO BADLY!! I’m pretty fussy when it comes to lighting, but this sconce had my heart the first time I saw it years ago. Here it is if you don’t know what I’m talking about <3 


But the price tag on this baby is pretty harsh: $229 in US dollars.
So once we convert that to Canadian, then pay taxes, shipping and duties, I could buy a boat with that money. Not happening. So off I go searching for an alternative. There are tons out there – but it got me looking at other farmhouse style sconces that may be great for our master ensuite as well!

This photo is the current state of my master ensuite (haha)! But those two cut outs in the wall are where my future sconces will hang above our vanity. We’re getting so close! So I’ve rounded up 9 farmhouse style sconces that are in the running for our ensuite. The thing about farmhouse style is that it really is what you make it! It can often be more industrial including lots of iron and edison bulbs, or it also could have chippy white paint candelabras and a more vintage look. I have to say that the galvanized sconce (number 4) does make me feel like I’m tapping into my inner Joanna Gaines! But for our ensuite I’m landing on #8 to match the oil rubbed bronze finish I’m doing with the rest of the hardware I’ve already purchased. Guess I’ll have to come up with somewhere else for those gorgeous galvanized ones!

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