Bedroom Colour Scheme Part 2 : Tranquil Blues

Welcome to part two of the bedroom colour scheme series I’m sharing with you this summer – this one probably being my favourite! I’ve always been a blue person. The myth with blues is that they will always be cold feeling, but I disagree! To me, the right smokey blue can be calming and peaceful while also being fresh. I chose Decorator’s White as the white pairing with a blue because it’s crisp and will create that high contrast between wall to trim which we all love. Horizon is from the Off White collection and has a touch of a blue-gray. My favourite two blues from Benjamin Moore; Smoke and Constellation. Smoke being a blue that has a lot of gray in it and is therefore more toned down; Constellation being very fresh like the photo above.
Would you ever paint your bedroom blue? Maybe after seeing this photo you’ll consider!
Paint Colours:
1. Decorators White
2. Horizon
3. Smoke
4. Constellation

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