10 Baskets You Need in Your Home

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As time goes on and we continue to decorate in our little home, I find our home filling up with more and more baskets! And it’s a wide range of baskets, and I’m totally okay with it because every country home needs a variety of baskets as a staple decor item.

1. A basket storage/organizer for your entry or mudroom. I love the chalkboard or a corkboard would be great too for posting family reminders! The baskets attached are convenient for throwing your mittens, hats, etc into.

2. Laundry baskets that are so on trend they don’t need to be hidden away.
3. A picnic basket, because it’s the perfect time of year to have one of these readily available! We received one for our wedding and can’t wait to use it once our crazy puppy has learned how to properly act in public (SOS).
4. Baskets with lids for storage and stacking. Storage is always my #1 priority, and if I can find solutions that also add to the decor of my home, I’ll take it!
5. Tiered wire fruit basket, because accessorizing a kitchen can be tricky and this is the perfect item to add to your kitchen island filled with fresh fruits, veggies, spices, etc.
6. Herb baskets. Fill these with some greenery and place it on a window sill!
7. Blanket baskets for all my fellow throw-addicted friends who need somewhere to display their precious collection.
8. Belly basket planters are a new trend I love, if you haven’t seen this yet I’ve posted a photo below!
9. Wire basket wall hangers can be used to throw the mail in when you walk in the door, or less practically you can stage it and simply make it look pretty! I just bought one of these last week and am still figuring out how I’m going to be staging it.

10. Galvanized baskets to place fresh flowers in.

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