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Have you noticed the huge industry gap that is nightstands?

Ask me where to find a nightstand and you’ll witness me either major face palming, crying in frustration, or cursing at the home decor industry. I don’t know the reason for this industry gap and have no explanation! All I know is – it’s tough. ESPECIALLY when on a budget……

Urban Barn is my #1 recommendation for some beautiful options if you want high-quality that also includes a pretty high price tag. You can pay around $1,200-$1,600 for a pair of good quality nightstands. It’s worth it; but not in the budget for moi!
As our master bedroom renovation progresses (don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here!), I’ve begun some lengthy story boards for what I envision for our bedroom and so let the online shopping commence! Online catalogs are the only places I’ve come across some affordable and on-trend nightstands at a reasonable price point, but buyer beware – I only online shop for items that have extensive positive reviews and, better yet, when those reviews include other buyers photos.

So as I shop around for our bedroom, I’ll post my findings. Here are 9 really good options! I know we will be DIYing our headboard from wood, so I’m leaning towards a classic white nightstand with a painted finish as I’m not a fan of mixing multiple wood tones in one space. Alternatively, if I was doing an upholstered headboard I would use option 2 or 3. I love timeless wood furniture or if you’re wanting to ride the gray-train take a look at a gray washed wood tone.

But my number one ALWAYS rule with a nightstand: the more storage the better. Yes, this is the drawer I hide my multiple charging cords, books, hair ties, and chocolate bar wrappers in (just kidding, kinda). I need that storage!

Lastly, remember you can always swap out the hardware that comes on any furniture! If you don’t love the knobs on a side table – no problem, knobs are super affordable from any big box store.

Which one is your favourite?


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