Our Home Renovation: Phase 2 of 3

Hey friends!

Guess what? Our wedding is in 3.5 MONTHS!!
That’s all I’m going to say – and hope that it’s enough to justify my absence 😓

We had a wonderful Christmas in our cozy little home with lots of time with our families, a New Years Eve spent with best friends at a cottage, and a cold January spent wedding planning (panicking).

So now that we’re all caught up let me show you phase 3 of our home renovation: turning our ‘bonus room’ into our master bedroom / master ensuite / mud room / laundry closet.

Our bonus room is hard to describe. When we were deciding if we were going to purchase this home, the bonus room was just that to us : a huge bonus. The house already has two bedrooms in the loft and two on the main floor, but there was no distinct master bedroom. This bonus room was an addition by the previous owner and runs off the kitchen. It already had a laundry closet and a powder room in it as well. They used this room as a recreational room; but we felt as though one living room is enough for this house (check out phase 1 of our renovation here and our custom wall unit here!)

Here are the listing photos from our house. Pretty, right?

This bonus room is the perfect opportunity for a large master bedroom, especially considering we are removing one main floor bedroom in phase 3 and converting it into our dining room (stay tuned for Fall 2017!). Tom had a week off work this January and ripped the whole room out in one day, added 3 more vents to the room, framed out our new rooms, insulated, and roughed in the plumbing for our ensuite.

There are so many things that go into renovations that eat up days and days, and go completely unseen! But he’s been working hard and I’ve been planning away (day dreaming) about what this space will look like!

Here is the floor plan of our home before:


The bonus room is the back room off the kitchen. Weird, right? Clearly an after thought, it did create a bit of an odd layout for the house! That’s okay. We can work with it.
Here’s our plan:
Basically, we are going to create an opening where there is currently a standard door to make the ‘mudroom’ feel like somewhat of a hallway; so the bedroom door doesn’t have to be directly off the kitchen. This is also where the laundry closet will be. Tom & I actually use this back sliding door often for entering the house as our driveway runs the whole length of the house.
You can see the ensuite which isn’t massive but is a great size for a house like ours, and a huge 5′ long x 3′-6″ wide shower.
Finally, large his & hers closets along the left wall for some MUCH needed storage! Yes, we are still living it out storage bins and duffle bags as of right now. So I am insanely excited for this.
(You can also see our future project which is the kitchen/dining; where we are going to remove one wall to open up the spare bedroom and make it into a dining area).

And now for some really rough looking progress pictures!

Tom had to crawl into this creepy hole in our basement
to access the crawl space under the room in order to add more vents..
Never. Would. I. Ever.
Standing in our kitchen (not yet renovated!) looking at where there will soon be a larger opening
Our soon to be mudroom; sliding door to the right & laundry closet on the left.
The master bedroom door is directly ahead!
Standing in the master bedroom looking at the wall where our TV will be mounted,
and the door to the ensuite is on the right.
(Thinking of making this a barn door!?)
Our closets – my favourite part. Cannot wait for these.
Anyone need a freezer? (haha! but seriously..)
And, I had to include this one because I found this on one of the studs and my heart melted.
First time seeing ‘Elise Mackay’, written by Tom; without me knowing.

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