Benjamin Moore 2017 Colour of the Year

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for the 2017 colour of the year. Shadow is a deep, almost black plum that has a quiet peacefulness to it. I hate to be that ‘I told you so’ kind of a person, but I’ve been telling clients for months now that white-on-white is out and colour is back. We’ve all painted on our homes in fresh whites and it’s as if we’re now craving something deep and rich again.
And in walks Shadow, giving me so many heart eyes!
What I’m even more excited about is all the colours that are in the 2017 Trend Palette. This palette has a variety of muted, grayed out colours. But that’s the biggest thing; there’s actually colour. And, only two grays in the whole group! I love the teal Sea Star, deep rich blue Gentlemen’s Gray, and vibrant but deep Dark Burgundy. I also am finding this palette to almost have a retro vibe? (burnt orange, muddy green, and tones of browny-reds?)
Which one is your favourite?!

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