Favorite Beiges

 So it turns out that I’m a beige person. I know that design is all about the grays right now .. but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It took me 3 months to finally commit to a paint colour for our living room. I started with grays, and thought I had decided on one for sure!, but it just didn’t feel right.
So I accepted it. I am a beige person. This might make me uncool, or not fit in with the popular kids. But gray just isn’t for me! And no, not the kind of beiges that have really brown or yellow tones; but more a grayed out beige that has a very muted tone.
I know it’s not exactly on trend. But I wanted what was right for me and my personality.
I am a comfy, cozy, snuggle up on the couch surrounded by pillows and covered in multiple blankets kind of a person. What I was really longing for in our living room was just warmth. So, after many doubts and anxiety attacks, I decided on OC-24 Winds Breath.
However before landing on Winds Breath, these beiges were in the running:

Pashmina from Home Bunch

I love the richness of this colour – it has so much warmth and depth
 Gray Mist from Decor Pad
 Edgecomb Gray from Home Bunch
 Winds Breath from Home Bunch
The colour I decided on..
light, fresh, but still warm
 Pale Oak from Home Bunch
 Dove Wing from Home Bunch

What do you think of beige? Timeless, or dated?  

Done correctly, I think timeless.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Beiges

  1. Love this post. I agree. I like some grays but the blueish grays with more blue and steely grays, white furnishings and dark floors bores me a little. I love the softness that these tones bring to the party! Good to see you went with your heart

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