DIY Wood Tray

Good morning! This post was supposed to go up on Friday morning – but we were wiped out by the ice storm and lost power on Thursday evening, for over 24 hours! We’re back up now and are warmed up, and relieved to have a fresh pot of coffee brewing and the sun shining today.
 I’m not going to try to take credit for this post. I’m the planner, but Tom is the do’er. Cause he can use power tools.. and I can’t 🙂
After this, we really will try to take a step back from pine. It’s one wall in our living room, the backing on our wall unit, and now this tray! We’re using a lot of pine because I love the tongue and grove, the texture and the knots. So with our few last scrap pieces we whipped up this tray a few weeks ago.
We started with cutting 3 even pieces of the tongue and grove for the base,
two even pieces for the long sides, and two for the shorter sides.
With just a little bit of wood glue and some nails,
we pieced the tray together base first then secured the sides.
We gave it a good sand.
We’re all about using what was laying around the house..
just a little bit of stain left after doing our wall unit counter top
We put on one coat of stain, then two coats of a satin clear coat.

I bought some cheapy handles from Home Hardware
In my opinion, hardware in a darker finish is more suitable for a piece like this
rather than a chrome that may appear too modern or sleek!

Every few weeks I switch up the accessories I decorate it with,
and I also use it for serving food if I have guests over!

& there you have it!
Happy Easter everyone.

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