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I have a serious love affair with jute and natural rugs. We see it all the time on Pinterest and Instagram that these rugs are in and you bet I’ll be buying one for my own living room soon. Because I’m looking for the perfect jute rug for our home, I’ve been doing a lot of research about where to buy them and what to expect after purchasing. Anything natural tends to make me a little nervous because, reality is, man made materials can often be more durable thanks to all the stuff we put into them to make them that way, plus the way that we fabricate them via machinery creates a more controlled consistency than something natural & hand made.


However, in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. Here is what I’ve come up with:

The rugs are incredibly low maintenance. Because they are usually a flatweave and do not have a high pile, they won’t flatten over the years in high traffic areas. Dirt and stains are completely disguised by the texture and weave pattern, but when you do need to give it a good vacuum, I would recommend using just the air setting on your vacuum and skipping the spinner to avoid pulling out any loose hairs. Finally; they are so versatile. If you’re someone who prefers to stay neutral with your larger pieces then a jute rug is perfect for you. They add an element of texture to your space without screaming out loud, and the look suits any space.

Loose hairs and fibers seem to be the biggest issue with these rugs. Something to keep in mind with buying a rug that is 100% natural fibers: there will be stray pieces, loops that can be pulled, and loose hairs. Simply tuck loose pieces back into the weave and move on. However if you’re someone who can’t handle natural flaw then I wouldn’t recommend a jute rug. Finally, anything natural always seems to have a bit of a smell to it. This airs out eventually but is something to keep in mind!


My favorite cottage style: white planked walls, planked ceiling with beams, hardwood floors. So peaceful and lovely!:

Great places to purchase?

Buying a rug online can be intimidating, but the great thing with Amazon is that there are so many reviews to read. The other great thing with this Amazon product? Free shipping.

What I love about this rug is the mixed in white speckles. With the white neutralizing the golden tones, this rug would be great in a gray toned home. The higher pile of this rug makes it great for a comfy cozy living room or bedroom.

Select Rugs
Another website that you can read reviews on, I fell in love with this specific rug for the light wash colour and herringbone pattern. This is something I love about these rugs: subtle pattern changes is all it takes to add a little more sophistication to this relaxed style.

The most cost-effective rug, and also one that you can go see in person before purchasing, the Lohals Rug has great reviews while still being so incredibly cheap. Being a flatweave, you can expect it to be a bit more firm than a loop but this may be exactly what you want in your kitchen or mudroom.



What do you think? Yay or nay?


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