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Life can become such a crazy whirlwind – and I finally have some time to sit down and write this post. As I had told you, Tom & I were anxiously looking at homes and really had our hopes high of buying sooner than later. This meant that house hunting (plus the amount of research and organizing that goes into being a first-time home buyer) pretty much consumed me from July until now! I kid you not, the day I gave up on finding anything until the Spring, our house popped up. Yes, we bought a home. AND we have moved in! So between working a ton of overtime hours/6 days a week, dealing with setting up a mortgage and preparing for moving day, and finally having moved, I hope you can understand my time away!

( Side note: I am thinking about putting together a post about what we learned from buying our first home. Trust me – if you think you’re ready, and organized, you are so not. What a whirlwind it is and so many unexpected things come up. SO SO MANY. Tell me if you’d be interested in a post like that! )


Ok. So now – let’s get to it. Our home. Have I mentioned how great it is being in a relationship with someone who is a jack of all trades? Tom does have his carpentry license, however he does it all. So between that, and me being a designer, we are set to take on our 1951 fixer upper! Let’s talk layout first, then we will get into what our first reno will be!

Here is our layout as it stands right now (minus the second floor loft that includes two more bedrooms). Obviously, this layout does no justice to our burgundy coloured carpets, chocolate brown + floral tiled bathroom, and buttercream yellow paneled walls in every room ( you will see pictures of these in time!!) However the house is in perfect shape and that’s why we bought it. Every room does need to be done, but it’s completely livable in the mean time and we will work on it room by room.

& here’s our plans for the house! The thing we knew before we moved in, and has become even more obvious to us in the past two weeks, is that we need a large master with an ensuite. Although we are going to love this home, it isn’t our forever home. So for the sake of resale we know it is very beneficial to turn the back room (that was previously being used as a rec-room) into a master. Because there is already a powder room in there it’ll be easy-peasy for us to frame it out larger and make an ensuite with a large glass-framed shower. Having a master directly off the kitchen is odd and I’m having a hard time coming to peace with it, so we are considering creating a hallway in the laundry room space and entering the master at the end of the hallway. These are things that aren’t totally combed out yet.

Turning the backroom into a master means this home would be a 5 bedroom home with very little central living space. The bedroom-to-living space ratio doesn’t make sense. Therefore we’re going to take out the bedroom that backs on to the kitchen to create a dining area and of course, I want a large chunky island in the center of the kitchen where we can sit and eat as well. That’s it for moving rooms/walls around and adjusting the layout, but there’s a ton of cosmetic work to be done! Every room needs to be addressed and refinished. Example #1: the living room.

I warned you about the buttercream yellow & burgundy right?
I’m in love with my plans for this room.
I know I want walnut brown mid-toned flooring with thick chunky trim and soft linen draperies.


Everything you see in this photo is temporary.
The leather sofa is beautiful, but doesn’t this corner of the room demand a sectional?


Our staircase is going to also get an overhaul. 
New pickets and a new stain colour to freshen it up, as well as  white stringer and risers.
We’re also going to replace the front door glass and paint the interior side of the door.


These upstairs bedrooms will also be torn out and redone
with new drywall, new floors, and better lighting!
One will be a guest bedroom, and one will be an office.
Finally, the ceiling tiles will disappear, while crown moulding,
pot lights and a full custom built in TV unit along the back wall will complete the room.
(I’m on a That 70’s Show kick right now)!

I can’t wait to post all about the journey that we are about to begin! I’m going to post about the changes we make in this room as we go along.


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