DIY Paint Chip Calendar

Good morning!
This DIY is one that I’ve been seeing for years all across Pinterest. I always thought it was a cute idea but now it’s something that I need for organizational purposes so it was the perfect time to whip one together!
What you will need for this DIY is a large frame (mine was 11″ x 14″), paint chips (7 colours, 5 of each), and dry erase markers. I bought my frame for $3 at Dollarama but if you’re repurposing an old frame or painting yours like I did then you’ll also need spray paint of your choice!
I removed everything from the frame including the glass and then sprayed it with my favourite spray paint Tremclad Flat White. While this was drying, I got started on the paint chips.


I cut my squares to 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″, but a little bit of math may be required to figure out what size paint chips you can afford to do! I also had a piece of poster board laying around to mount the chips on. I made sure to leave a gap at the top of the board for the month to be written in there.


After all your pieces are done, pop the frame back in and fill in your month, & you’re all set!
If you decide to make one let me know how it goes!

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