DIY Lamp Makeover


This is why you never ever throw out perfectly functioning things. If you need to throw something out because it’s completely busted and/or serves no purpose, then that I can agree with. But this old lamp was not worth spending money on to replace. All in all this makeover took me about one hour and was so so simple.

I bought three yards of the fabric for the shade for $7.50 on sale which made my day to begin with. The only other material necessary is spray paint and a hot glue gun, which I already had. I took the lamp apart and first thing I did was spray paint it. Since it’s not a piece of furniture that gets a ton of use, and it generally stays sitting in one place, I didn’t think it was necessary to prime etc. because no one actually has time for that. I used a flat white spraypaint and my favourite part of the whole thing might just be the look of the finish. Love it.


While waiting for the base to try, I taped a few pieces of newspaper together and traced my shade by rolling it along the paper while tracing it’s movement to get my shape. Just take your time with this part; I know it’s tedious and I did it 3 or 4 times until I knew that I had the right shape.

Place your newspaper cutout on top of your fabric and cut about 1/2″ – 1″ around it. If you do not add that extra inch, you won’t have any fabric to actually fold over the lampshade and glue into place. And finally, all that’s left is hot glueing it to your shade!


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