Choosing a Front Door Color

Wythe Blue & Woodlawn Blue
 Chelsea Gray & Kendall Charcoal
Hawthorne Yellow & Concord Ivory
The statement that your front door makes can make or break the curb appeal of your home and that’s why there’s a few rules to keep in mind when selecting a front door color. Choosing a colour that suits your home is crucial. I love the idea of a yellow front door, but I would only do it if I owned an updated farmhouse or a country-cottage home. Charcoal grey is gorgeous against white siding and works on any style home, & the blue would suit a lakeside home with grey siding or trim. Just remember to listen to the personality of your home and keep the theme consistent.
My second piece of advice is to go bolder than you are probably comfortable with. The sun washes out every colour approximately two shades. A soft yellow can appear to be beige and colours quickly become dull in full sun. Picking a colour with a strong intensity will give you the impact you’re looking for.
For the finish, satin is my preference and works on 100% of doors. If you have an old door with some imperfections, choosing a glossy finish will define all those imperfections while satin will give you a shine without blinding your eyes. Finally, be sure to find a high quality exterior paint that will last. So, no. Don’t go to Home Depot or Lowes for this. Benjamin Moore, C2, or Pittsburgh are my top recommendations (unless you’re up for re-priming + painting your front door every Spring!)


2 thoughts on “Choosing a Front Door Color

  1. We recently painted our late 1980’s front door with gold leaded glass ( I figured why fight just embrace it) a color similar to slate teal. I was really nervous because it was a bold choice for me but I absolutely love it with our gray siding and white trim and it really made the gold pop.

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