Nightstand Makeover

Good afternoon!
I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. Tom & I were all over town and spent most of the weekend outdoors so now we’re taking today to be lazy bums and binge watch Netflix. However last week I gave a quick makeover to this old nightstand and now a it’s simplistic and fresh bathroom storage unit!
Because this nightstand is made of laminate, I sanded a lot. Then I gave it a really thick coating of primer and I let that dry overnight. The next morning I finished it off with two coats of white paint (Para Paint – White Chocolate). At this point, most people would apply a top coat of polyurethane but most days I cheat and skip that step. However, if it was a piece of furniture that was getting a lot of use (like my dresser) then I would be sure to protect it with a hard top coat.


Get creative with your furniture makeovers. Just because something was once a nightstand doesn’t mean it must always be a nightstand! Turn a dresser into a bench, old shelves into a planter, or a desk into a sofa table.

Have a great week!

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