Tranquil Color Scheme

The number one question I get asked by friends & family is, “What colour should I paint my house?”

Well this is such a loaded question and depends on a number of things, and unless I can see your home or at least photos of it, I can’t tell you!

But, I’ve put together a scheme of my personal favourite and most used and trusted colours. I would say these colors are a great starting point when choosing for your own home. I’ve seen them done countless times and even used them in my own house so I can tell you that I love them and I hope they work for you too!

Chelsea Gray is my favourite shade for pops of boldness. I love colours like this being used in kitchens with light cabinetry, because in a kitchen there is generally very little wall space and chelsea gray creates the perfect a pop of drama and depth.

Stonington Gray is a beautiful true-gray. A lot of grays fall towards the blue or green side but stonington has the perfect balance of just being simply gray. 



Smoke is my favourite colour for a bedroom – seriously, I had painted our bedroom in the old house this colour and loved it more every day. It’s the softest and most tranquil blue and looks beautiful with crisp white.



Palladian blue is my favourite seafoam colour. Seafoam is extremely trendy right now as we’re all loving the beachy style and I’m on board with this fresh colour. A little bit more on the green side, palladian blue is my ideal colour for a living room.


Sebring White is my ideal off-white for hallways and entrances. With a touch of creaminess, it looks beautifully elegant against a crisp white trim or wainscoting.


Collingwood is my other go-to for hallways and entryways as it’s a light yet warm neutral that works in any room of the home.

Keep in mind that this is my personal pallet choice. It won’t work in every single home and, above all, I want you to be true to your own sense of style. Just because some colours are more popular than others doesn’t mean that it’s right for you! I can give you my favourites but it’s important to stay true to what you love and decorate with your own touch.

Have a great weekend!



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16 thoughts on “Tranquil Color Scheme

  1. I love this color scheme! It's gorgeous. What trim color would you use? I'm thinking Simply White, White Dove or Decorator's White. Would love your thoughts!

  2. Hey Natalie,

    I would use Simply White! Decorator's White is a little on the cool side for me but Simply White has the perfect amount of creaminess to go with these warm colours. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Nice to be "in" before it's time. . . Chelsea Grey was the paint we used for our whole house for more than 10 years. It's "wet cement" feel creates a superb neutral background for paintings and elaborate framing – for that matter, for everything..

  4. I have a small bedroom that no matter what I have painted in the past I feel closed in..I am seeking help it's a 12 by 12 room with two closest so can only have two choices of where my bed goes.. any advice on it I will take

  5. I love these colors. My problem is my house is 850 Sq ft. I'm afraid to paint and have it close in on me. So do I symply paint all walls every room simply white and choose maybe the Chelsey gray for trim. But I want all the colors used! Different rooms different colors.can i have my cake and eat it too?

  6. No need to stress! I always think a bedroom is a great place to have warmth anyways because it's a cozy area! However if you are wanting something light and fresh I would look at a soft airy neutral like OC-24 Winds Breath.

  7. Hey Lynn,
    You absolutely can have your cake and eat it too! I'm a firm believe that this whole 'room feeling closed in' thing is a myth. It's all down to personal taste! I like my wall colour to have some weight to it because I'm a comfy cozy kind of a person and it makes my small home feel so warm. However if I did have a very small space I would simplify how many colours I use; maybe try Sebring White for the main portion of the home, Smoke for your bathroom, and a beautiful warm charcoal like Chelsea Gray for your bedroom.

  8. Looove the colors! Do you know the NCS-nummer for them? Sinne I live in a country where you cannot buy your brand Benjamin Moore.

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