Dream Home: Living Room

I can fully admit that I get ahead of myself when I envision the home Tom & I will be buying this year. I guess that’s what comes with being an aspiring interior decorator! I’ve decided to piece together a few decor boards for my ‘dream home’.

This week I put together a decor board for a den/living room. I would love to one day have something along the lines of this look. It’s no secret that gray, white, and blue are my favourite colour combination. I love the relaxing coastal vibe that these colours give off. Plush furniture is a must-have in a living room for me. Save the stiff and firm furniture for the formal living room in the house but my den will definitely be comfy, cozy, and make you want to put on your jammies and read a book by the fire all night.

My advice when picking your decor and a colour scheme for your home is to not have the same colour on all your large pieces and walls. If your wall colour, area rug, and sofa are all the exact same colour, it’ll become a blurry blob without any contrast. Tie colours into one another in subtle ways. Have your curtains match your couch. Pull the wall colour out in accent pillows, throws, and accessories. Add some interest by mixing your colour scheme together in smaller ways and this will create a well-balanced bigger picture.
So tell me what you think! Or, tell me I’m not the only one that has fantasy living rooms and constantly day dreams about my dream home!

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