Birch Tree Tealight

Good morning!
I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing weekend as I definitely did.

Last winter, Southern Ontario got hit with a brutal storm that completely covered every inch of the outdoors in a thick coating of ice. 75% of homes lost power for 5-8 days in certain areas and this all happened leading up to Christmas (we got our power back on Christmas Eve after nearly spending Christmas in a hotel) and in -15 degree weather. In that time we lost a birch tree that was in our backyard BUT I insisted that we save all the wood because birch is the most beautiful for home decor projects.
I found three mason jars in the house, but they’re also available at most grocery stores and definitely at Walmart for cheap. The trick was finding a piece of the tree that is thick enough to hold the tealight candle but also thin enough to fit through the top of the jar.
Tom used a 1 1/2″ bit to drill the hole that perfectly fit the tealight and cut all the pieces to the right size. After that, all I did was glue the birch to the bottom of the mason jar, surround it with some pine needles, and added some ribbon along the rim! I would even suggest using colourful festive ribbon as it’s about to be Easter weekend.


And I have to do a shoutout to Tom for working and getting dusty on his only day off work.
And for the many projects to come that involve tools and saws that I don’t know how to operate, meaning he’ll do 75% of the work while I try to take 100% of the credit.

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