The Blue & Gray Way

It’s no secret that the world of decor and design has become obsessed over grays, blues, and any shade between.
The reason for this is that these are the top two calming colours. Grays and blues are relaxing, soft and comforting, and also compliment each other beautifully. They remind us of the beach or the cottage or a day at the spa, so of course we’re all drawn to them! The other thing? They’re my personal favourite colour combination and my entire house is painted and decorated in these tones. Here’s a collection of a few things I love, and how to accessorize the look!
Starting with paint is the most important step. If you have a large piece you love, like a couch or a painting, then pick your colour based on that piece. However if you’re starting from scratch then I suggest going super soft on the walls so you can bring out stronger colours in the accents. Don’t get me wrong; I love my dose of strong colours. But this way: accents and colour trends can change, but you don’t need to paint your walls every time something comes in or goes out of style.
1. HC-147 Woodlawn Blue
2. 2136-70 Whispering Spring
3. 2136-60 Harbour Haze
4. OC-27 Balboa Mist
5. 2137-70 White Wisp
6. OC-51 Intense White
These 6 paint colours are some of my faves but are also some of the most popular. After working for Benjamin Moore, I got a good feel for what people are drawn to and what works in a space that needs quiet walls with loud accent pieces.

Row 1: Pillows. These pillows from West Elm are beautifully simplistic and just enough to add some character to your couch or bed. They are the perfect touch on a dark charcoal gray, white/cream, or blue couch, not to mention how incredibly soft AND durable they are (do you have a dog? I do!)
Row 2: Throws. Throws are so important because they add a cozy texture to a space which is exactly what you want in your welcoming living room. Number 1 +2, & number 3.

Wall Art & Decor. Tying your wall art into the decor of your room unifies your space and maintains an even flow. Try putting these pieces above your fireplace or in a focal area of the wall as a statement piece.
Number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4, number 5, number 6.

Home Accents & Accessories. The best way to make colour pop is through the use of accessories that relate and coordinate with one another. Simply keep the colour scheme throughout and the accessories will complete the space! This mess of accessories are from the collections of both West Elm & Pottery Barn.

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