Finding the Perfect ‘Greige’

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If I hear the words ‘Revere Pewter’ one more time, you MIGHT just see me cry!  Don’t get me wrong; it truly is the perfect greige, and I (like many others) adore the colour. But don’t forget that your home style is so personal to you, and you should make sure you’re picking the colour right for your lifestyle, personality, and overall decor style.
As much as we all love Revere Pewter, there are so many other options out there that are being overlooked due to the trend with this colour. Just because this colour is very ‘on trend’ and is sweeping the pages of Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s right for your home either!

Let me introduce you to a few of my favourite greige paint colours that have been pushed aside but definitely deserve more attention.

1. Balboa Mist

‘Greige’ is the new trend as of 2014: it’s that perfect balance between grey and beige. Our staple neutrals used to be browns, yellows, and a mixture of these two colours. Now our neutrals are warm greys.
Balboa Mist is the perfect greige because it is light and fresh. Some people have a fear of colours that are too heavy or overpowering; so I would direct them over to good ole’ OC-27. This greige is great because it has no overpowering undertone of green/blue/brown. It really is a true greige that will brighten a home up.

2. Moonshine

Moonshine has a lot of green underneath it. Don’t let this scare you though- so does Revere Pewter! I would call Moonshine a much more true grey in a sense that it’s a little less beige and a little more grey. However, it’s another light and fresh tone that is perfect for the darkest corners of your home; Especially closed in hallways or small bathrooms.

3. Chelsea Gray

By far my favourite Benjamin Moore colour, Chelsea Gray is bold and beautiful. I always appreciated having clients who weren’t afraid to use it; and in the end were so pleased with the statement that it makes. Chelsea Gray is perfect for brighter rooms to add some intimacy and depth to the space. With a bit of brown underneath it, it’s known for its richness. It certainly makes a beautiful statement for an accent wall as well.

4. Thunder

Thunder is a beautiful deep greige that comes from the Affinity Collection. This collection of colours was developed more recently to be Benjamin Moore’s most sophisticated and harmonious line; and that it is.
Thunder is for those who would like to make a statement without coming on too strong. While being deep and rich, it is also very blendable and neutral. It makes a statement while still being subtle enough to easily match your furniture and accessories.

5. Rockport Gray

My other favourite from Benjamin Moore, Rockport Gray is a very natural and earthy colour. It has almost a moss-green feeling to it with brown underneath; giving off a very earth tone appearance. I love this colour in smaller doses. For example: as an accent wall, in a kitchen that doesn’t have much wall space, and especially as the colour for your kitchen cabinetry.

I know that Revere Pewter is all the rage but take my word for it – these colours deserve your attention as well, along with so many others in the Benjamin Moore collection.

Make sure that you pick the colour that is right for you – 
not just the colours that are popular on Pinterest this month!


6 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect ‘Greige’

    1. Hey Colleen,

      I used AF-15 Steam which is a VERY creamy white but if I wanted a crisper white I’d use something like Simply White 🙂

  1. Hi, what do you think is the best choice, colour wise for ceilings and trims….to work with these greiges. I have no idea with 'whites' as there is a squillion choices… ps I am one of the worshippers of R P ( didn't spell it so I wouldn't upset you!!!)

    1. Hey Nellie!

      Simply White is always a good choice for warm grays since it’s a warmer white. That’d be my #1 suggestion 🙂 hope that helps!

  2. I choise a Benjamin Moore paint. Silver bells for walls in a cabin bedroom that gets a lot of south and west light. I have grayish furniture. It looked good st night but during the day it is so white. Hardly gray. Any suggestion to make it darker? Another color ? Only did one wall and some trim.

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