DIY Welcome Sign

There’s nothing I love more than super simple DIY’s that look like you put a lot of work into them. When something is a total breeze but appears like I used some crazy skills to create it : I like.
This DIY can be done in 20 minutes! My plan was to go to Home Depot and buy a large plank of wood, cut it down, stain it, drill holes in it for the twine to secure to, etc etc BUT then I stumbled across this aisle in Michaels….
Too easy, right?
Some of these are so over priced it doesn’t even make sense. The one I decided to buy was $13.99 then I had a 50% off coupon. Otherwise I would NOT have taken this easy way out. You could use any of these shapes though, or make the board from scratch yourself like I originally planned to!


Here’s the materials I used (and then some – I decided to ditch the blue paint!)
If you have fresh florals or greenery that’s even better!


I started with painting the words on the board. This could also be done with a paint marker to make things easier, or with stencils! Personally, I’m a freehander.


I placed the mason jar on the board where I wanted it to sit and hammered a small nail in where the lip of the jar will be. Using the silver floral wire, I wrapped the nail first followed by wrapping the wire many times around the jar to secure it. This holds the jar in place but also leaves it on a bit of an angle so it doesn’t sit flat against the board!


Since my board came with the twine to hang it already installed, that was all there was to it!
This now hangs in our mud room and adds a warm ‘welcome’ to our entry.
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